How To Create a Temporary Account for Support Agents

A problem I had recently was that I needed to give a support agent from a plugin company Admin-level access to a WordPress site. The cause was an obscure bug they couldn’t help with any other way. But I was left with two not-great options:

  • Give them access to an existing account, and change the password to that account later
  • Create a new account for them, and then remember to delete it later

What I wished I had was a way to give them a new account for a limited time and not need to remember to remove it later. I ended up putting a calendar reminder for myself to make sure the account was gone if the support conversation has failed to prompt me to. But there’s a better option: Temporary Login Without Password.

The plugin does what you’d expect: first it creates a temporary account you can give to someone who need access to your site for a short time. Better (or worse, depending on your preferences) is that that temporary access can be granted without them needing to create or remember the username and password pair.

Here’s a video of the plugin in action:

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